Beautify Source Code

With All Source Code Beautifier (ASCB), you can deobfuscate and reformat programming source code with the click of a button.

ASCB lets you reformat source code to meet the requirements of your code style. ASCB will lay out spacing, indents, keywords etc. Reformatting can apply to the selected text or entire file.

ASCB can understand and format source code of all the popular languages including HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, PHP, PERL, PYTHON, RUBY, SAS, SASS, VB, VBscript, Pascal, YAML, Smarty, Smalltalk...

Just copy the source code or load file to the top pane, select the language and the indent size, and click "Beautify Code !". The pretty code will show in the bottom pane, so you can now be pasted to your blog or email, no external CSS or Javascript files are required.