All Source Code Beautifier

Great tool for format and beautify your source code. It supports many programing languages as: HTML, CSS, XML, JS, PHP, PYTHON, RUBY, VB...

Secure Password Generator

Strong Password Generator is a tool to help you create secure password with just one click.

Find my Facebook ID

This tool makes it easy to get numeric ID of Facebook's Personal account, Page and Group

Base64 Encode / Decode

This is a tool for encode / decode string base on Base46 algorithm.

IP / Domain To Location

Find a geolocation of an IP address or Domain name including latitude, longitude, city, ISP and country

All Hash Generator

Hash text string or file by several functions as: SHA-256, MD5, CRC32, Ripemd, Whirlpool, Tiger, Snefru, Gost, Adler32, Fnv, JOAAT, HAVAL...

Decimal / Binary / Octal / Hexa Converter

This is a concurrent converter between the Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hexa number systems.